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01 Jul 2014
In recent years, the luxury market "he" is different from usual perk up, men, the purchase demand for high-end brands have much higher than women.At bain &company in 2011 global luxury goods market research report, the male luxury now occupies the 50% of the luxury goods market, rose by 2% compared to the two years ago.

Were mainly designed for men of cars, the wristwatch, preference in women's clothing, luggage accessories category, the men began more than ever.Even in the mature European and American luxury goods market, in the past five years,Christian Louboutin Outlet high-end men's clothing sales growth speed is twice as many women's clothing.

Men have become more and more fashion, more concerned about their appearance, dress more...

26 Jun 2014
christian louboutin outlet 2013 spring and summer new products for women's shoes series, pan nail design is impressive.Be full of pan nail heels, with well known red soles, powerful it can light up any modelling, want a little cute, can choose pink style.This season and they also added a lot of leather accessories, want to buy a new set of CARDS or friend can pay attention to the silver bag.With series and some you will like it, but not necessarily want to wear the style, such as the set full crystal model, and physical looks really bright, but it is suitable for a distance and should not be wearing a example.

christian louboutin outlet online often in unexpected ways is clever use all kinds of special material, shape and color, deduce...

23 Jun 2014
It is understood that the league by series price from 2000 euros to 4000 euros ($17000 yuan to 34000 yuan), continuation of Christian Louboutin outlet's recent high-end positioning.This series will begin in mid-october in global specific stores limited, when "The Icon and The Iconoclasts" advertising, website and autograph album will launch, synchronous launch is scheduled for November 7 to be held in New York, this is Louis Vuitton's parent company LVMH "children" Delphine Arnault to join The brand first one of a large project.

Christian Louboutin outlet online 2013 shoe money a lot of surprise, qiu dong high-heeled shoes and boots of novel and unique style, material colour is bold and bright, can highlight your personality well, make...